Supply Chain Introduction
 Supplier Relationship Management 
   Our company rely on the powerful central enterprises and high-quality supplier resources, we provide high-quality, diversified and multiple production capacity steels and plates with short cycle and large reserves. The common steel reserves are more than ten thousand tons
 Supporting Facilities 
  Sungtop has multi-channel processing resources. We keep strategic cooperation with Shunda Metal, Minmetals, Jinwei metal and other enterprises. In the orientation and non- orientation of the longitudinal shear, horizontal shear production line equipment configuration and processing technical specifications have reached the industry high level standard!
Processing equipment Specifications Maximum load(MT) Capacity(MT/ROLL)
Large longitudinal shear 200~1300mm 25 250000/year
200~1650mm 25 300000/year
Small longitudinal shear 200~650mm 7 100000/year
The flying shear 300~1650mm 25 300000/year
Bridge crane 21.5M A6 25 /
Packaging aircrew GGD300 / 800000-1300000/year