Company Strength

—— Market Size ——
Domestic market
  Southeast Asian  market
European and American      market
—— Business Construction ——

Household Appliance Industry
 Sungtop Steel in the large and small household appliance industry will have about 30% of the cold rolled , galvanized coil products for the industry, the industry relatively stable, the formation of fixed monthly consumption, our company's main customers are Midea and other home appliance industry terminals. Generally used in household appliances box, side panels, panels, internal components and so on.
—— Electrical machinery industry ——
The mechanical and electrical industry is mainly oriented and non-oriented silicon steel product, and the consumption demand is very large, medium and low plate non-oriented silicon steel is mainly used for electrical appliances, small motors, ballasts and small transformers;

High grade non-oriented silicon steel is mainly used for generators and medium and large motors;

Common and high magnetic oriented silicon steel is mainly used in all kinds of transformers;

The electromechanical industry has formed a fixed demand for silicon steel, mainly for the electromechanical industry in Guangdong, China and Europe and the United States.
—— Communications Industry ——
  In the communication industry, there is a great demand for spare parts of communication products such as communication cabinets and power distribution cabinets, mainly conventional and customized cold rolled coils, which are used for high and low voltage power distribution cabinets , side panels, and program-controlled switch plates. They are mainly used in south China and exported to small and medium-sized communication companies in Southeast Asia.
—— Partners ——
   Sungtop steel cooperates with a number of large world-class steel mills, committed to providing customers with steel demand—— one-stop solution, creating value for customers as their own responsibility, to keep faith, quality of service concept to win the trust of the majority of users and consistent praise