About Us

Company Introduction
Dongguan Sungtop Steel Co., LTD
The company is located in the ”Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area “- Dongguan, one of the "three bay areas in the world", our company is extremely rich in steel industry  resources, and committed to building the whole steel industry chain, which is a collection of sales - processing - distribution - finance and other one-stop technical service company. Our business mainly focuses on cold rolling, galvanizing, silicon steel, electrolysis, pickling, hot rolling, hard rolling and strip straight processing, and has strategic cooperation with Baowu Group, Shougang Group Gaoming Foundation, Xinyu Group and many other large steel mills at home and abroad.
Group Supply Chain:
1、 Foshan Shunge Iron and Steel Trading Co.,LTD
2、Shanghai Shunchuang Industrial Co., LTD
3、Foshan Baoge Trading Co., LTD
4、Dongguan Shunda Metal Materials Co., LTD
5、Guangdong Shunde Jinwei Metal Products Co., LTD
6、Dongguan Shunlu da Logistics Co., LTD        
All kinds of professional staff: 300 people, age structure: young.

College degree or above accounted for 70%. Standing inventory of all kinds of steel about 50,000 tons.

Foshan Shunge Iron and Steel Trading Co. LTD
  The company is located in the largest steel distribution center in China——Foshan Shunde Lecong steel trading market from south China, which is a steel trade, processing, distribution technical service company.

Guangdong Shunde Jinwei Metal Products Co., LTD

Dongguan Shunda Metal Material Co., LTD
Warehouse and Transportation
Dongguan Shunlu da Logistics Co., LTD
    The company has a domestic level warehouse, can provide customers with 50,000 tons of storage,  Minmetals central enterprise supervision, ensure the safety and convenience. Also build its own logistics fleet, to provide you with "fast, punctual ,stable" and high-quality, door-to-door steel distribution services